1.  From your phone, tap Settings (looks like a gear).

2.  Tap Accounts (might be under the general tab).

3.  Tap Add account.

4.  Tap Email.

5.  Type your full email address (For example - support@vritechnology.com) and your password, and then tap Next.

6.  Tap Exchange or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

7.  If a Remote security administration prompt appears, tap OK.

8.  If prompted, accept the defaults on the Exchange server settings page, and tap Next

9.  As soon as your phone verifies the server settings, the Account Options page displays. Select the options for how you want to receive your mail, and then tap Next.

10. If you see an "Activate device administrator?" page, tap Activate.

11. Type a name for the account and the name you want displayed when you send e-mail to others.

12. Tap Done to complete the email setup and start using your account.

NOTE:    You may need to wait ten-to-fifteen minutes after you set up your account before you can send or receive e-mail.